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Wednesday, January 26

corporate buzz

I decided to blog about the corporate buzz words & terms that one hears when one works in a huge corporation. As I hear new ones, I'll be sure to post:

'the primary initiative is to reach for the low hanging fruit'

'lets gang up these 4 sections of content into buckets for increased

'what we need here is to define a process'

'just bang it out'

'he was introduced to me in real-time'

'leverage the nomenclature in this piece from the business initiative we launched in the 2nd quarter earnings development'

There will be more funny ones to follow, when I think of them.

P.S.-I've been blogging via email... thus my weird code issues in some of these posts.

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That's great.. I also like "benchmark" especially as a verb.. "we're benchmarking new achievements in quality standards!"

i use it in church. i am going to start talking about a real-time Spirit and the importance of grace over benchmarking.

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