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Tuesday, January 25

Props to my Pops

In light of the 'blizzard of 2005' here, I raise my glass & give props to my pops.

By day, he works as a regional sales guru for a salt co, but has recently found himself with some time on his hands, the desire to do something cool & the
time to roll in some $$.

He's got a moonlighting gig plowing, salting, dei-cing, etc the runways & roads at JFK Airport when it snows. He says it's the coolest thing ever driving old diesel trucks with air brakes & 30ft wide plow blades, whatever those salting/sanding trucks are that dispense stuff all over the road for hours at a time. Its almost like superhero deal too b/c they only call him in when it snows.

How cool is it that he gets to drive around on the runways and stuff?!

Sort of a supressed subURBAN farmer my dad can be. He lets it out at times,with stuff like this. I think he's been blessed/cursed with the good business sense (& sense of responsibility to provide) as well as the raw need to build/fix/work (actually work -- inertia). If he thought he could have made a living building stuff or fixing stuff, I think he would have.

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Plowing looks like such a satisfying job. It's like sweeping for men. The guy that plows our short drive in Brewster charges $30 to do it. I hope your dad cleaned up. It amazes me how clear the runways are at JFK in midwinter.

You got to get your coding sorted out, mate. Plus, it's hard to return to the homepage once you've made a post. Blogger is letting you down....

I've been thinking: They should leave snow on the runways one year to see if the 747s can do donuts. That'd be an awesome sight.

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