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Monday, March 14

Since November, E & I have been apart of Submerge-the Midtown congregation of the NYC Vineyard.

Its becoming exactly what we've envisioned being apart of for a long time; the people, the leaders, the approach to eachother, life, God, etc. I do feel at home at our meetings.

Some interesting unsolicited feedback from visitors over the past few weeks:

  • "It's like a party but with religious people."
    - from a woman (not a christian or church goer) who came with her boyfriend once. (it was not meant in a positive light, but we thought it was great!)

  • "It feels like we're sitting in someone's living room."
    - from my mother-in-law who had a good time at our meeting, but was not used to doing church in the initmate setting of a 10th floor office suit

Being apart of this newly forming community of people was not something we had seriously considered until we had a serious leading to do so (one day I'll tell some of you about it) that was very strange, but right. Please don't get my enthusiasm be mistaken for unhappiness with the rest of the NYC Vineyard. I'm loving what is happening in the UWS & Staten Island. I love that I'm involved in a bit of everything.

Over the past couple months, we've seen submerge grow. Becoming a home away from home for a growing # of people. These are the people I can see spending the next couple years investing my life with... to see the Kingdom of God advance with in our city & to grow up with.

I'm excited about the massive responsibility we (submerge & the leadership team specifically) has dived into. This is the time that we're jumping in. Not just talking about what we dream of... but the time to actually do it, do or die. In the immortal words of the goonies, "...this is our time".

As romantic as that sounds, I'm now looking straight into the barrel of my own sin & attitudes that need changing. Dreaming can be so very disconnected from the mundane, minute to minute decisions that make up life in the workplace, with family or when you're alone. Sometimes it seems hopeless to change these things, but at others, I already feel like a different person.

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Wow - so glad to hear of you having the dream unfold ...

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