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Thursday, March 10

So, like every other person within the 5 boroughs, we went to go see The Gates in Central Park 2 weeks ago.

I actually liked it. I do see the art & I thought it was very cool that it existed for a particular time, then is gone. The one thing that does bug me about these is the amount of press the artists go about paying for the whole 21M alone... as Eavis has pointed out, thats probably a massive crock (it was probably a measly 11M)... and I trust him on stuff like that.

Now, down to the most important part of the day... the man-eating central park leopard that practically chased me down.

Heres how it happened:

We were walking along the path towards to westside of the park, near like 79 street. That particular path has woods on one side & the road on the other & theres a curve in the path, leaving a blind spot towards the woods side.

As we walked along that curve, out of the corner of my eye I see a large spotted being moving through the bushes 3ft to my right in the woods, directly towards me!

I was about to attack, when I realized that it was.... a crazy woman dressed from head to toe in leopard print gear. She was cross-country skiing in the park & came out of the damn bushes. At first I was shocked. I mean head to toe, literally pushing through the bushes.

As I'm yelling at Erica to quickly take a picture, the leopard lady continued to ski over the asfault path & then crossed the street (a street made for cars, mind you) on her skis. There was NO snow on that path or street, I tell you.

I don't know what hit me more, the fact that she was like 70 & skiing over all terrain (& almost plowing into me) or that she was dressed like a cat of the wild.

I know these pictures don't do it justice... but just be thankful that we captured the moment at all.

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At least she wasn't naked!

a fellow petrowski..question for you...email me back...azinferno@yahoo.com

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