Wednesday, January 26 

corporate buzz

I decided to blog about the corporate buzz words & terms that one hears when one works in a huge corporation. As I hear new ones, I'll be sure to post:

'the primary initiative is to reach for the low hanging fruit'

'lets gang up these 4 sections of content into buckets for increased

'what we need here is to define a process'

'just bang it out'

'he was introduced to me in real-time'

'leverage the nomenclature in this piece from the business initiative we launched in the 2nd quarter earnings development'

There will be more funny ones to follow, when I think of them.

P.S.-I've been blogging via email... thus my weird code issues in some of these posts.

Tuesday, January 25 

Props to my Pops

In light of the 'blizzard of 2005' here, I raise my glass & give props to my pops.

By day, he works as a regional sales guru for a salt co, but has recently found himself with some time on his hands, the desire to do something cool & the
time to roll in some $$.

He's got a moonlighting gig plowing, salting, dei-cing, etc the runways & roads at JFK Airport when it snows. He says it's the coolest thing ever driving old diesel trucks with air brakes & 30ft wide plow blades, whatever those salting/sanding trucks are that dispense stuff all over the road for hours at a time. Its almost like superhero deal too b/c they only call him in when it snows.

How cool is it that he gets to drive around on the runways and stuff?!

Sort of a supressed subURBAN farmer my dad can be. He lets it out at times,with stuff like this. I think he's been blessed/cursed with the good business sense (& sense of responsibility to provide) as well as the raw need to build/fix/work (actually work -- inertia). If he thought he could have made a living building stuff or fixing stuff, I think he would have.

Friday, January 21 


"Christians issue gay warning on SpongeBob video:

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Conservative Christian groups accuse the
makers of a video starring SpongeBob SquarePants, Barney and a host of other
cartoon characters of promoting homosexuality to children."


I have such mixed feelings on situations like this. That Dr. Dobson (Focus on
the Family) has given these guys a hard time on their tolerance policy.

I do not think that Jesus' message & the Christian life is about being nice &
trying to create world peace with an Oprah theology/attitude of : all faith of
any sort is the same. I do think that God has a specific agenda for
Christians. & that we should be different from the world, BUT the attitudes of
politically charged groups like Focus on the Family drive me up a wall.

I see the need to teach children about sin & the way that God has set us up to
live (including the pitfalls & false perceptions that we can fall into), & to
not be wishy-washy about what the lord actually does say about things like

My major issue is how do we practice this?? how do we walk it out?

Jesus crossed so many socio-religious boundries, basically crushing the
religious thought of his day to bring the kingdom - to be the initiator of a
new life - naturally supernatural life with the creator. Where He is present
and we are the pawns in the game (if we choose to be) is what will make us

Making such an issue out of a freaking cartoon seems the opposite of what Jesus
was about.

From the blog of Peter Eavis: Jesus, being the Son of God, also knows that love,
not power, ulitmately changes lives, hearts and societies. He preaches a wild
message of inclusive love that reaches out to evildoers, too.


Wednesday, January 19 

Intelligent Design is the term they seem to be using in teaching a new idea of evolution and the origins of the world in PA.

This strikes me for 2 reasons: I'm a graphic designer & have gotten involved in the whole disicipline of design as making sense of things that don't make sense. I have seen God as the ultimate designer for a while now. Refering to the unfathomable concept of creating the world as Intelligent is such a very cool understandment. It makes me think about that God actually is the smartest person (sounds obviously stupid, but do I really think this?) reports on Intelligent Design here:


I Left & Returned from a fabulous trip to Bristol last weekend to see the Turrigiano clan there. Little Sam is my Godson, so I had to go and exercise my Godfathering duties. The kid is amazing, as is his parents.

MatT & I cruised through Bristol on Sat night checking out the nightlife of Bedminster. We first drank at a 450 year old pub, then finally landing on a white-trash truely British gem that was running, "A-Team Karaoke". My first thought was that I was going to see some little englishman dressed up like BA Baracus singing Madonna's "Holiday". To my surprise, I wasn't too far off.

Unfortunately, there was no BA... but the old Bristolian wearing a captain's hat sitting next to me (who was impressed that I'd come to Bristol, yet yelled at Matt, & verbally bashed our choice of smokes & pork snaps & whatever else he could) made it worth the trip. On top of that, the place was packed with everyone from Grandmas to 14 year olds -- they all could have drank me under the table. The Karaoke was amazingly horrific, between the singing, song choice & dress of the participants. It was like American Idol meets In The Name of the Father.

Between that and the crazy asian chip guy feeding us grease in a bag with something fishy & starchy (which we ate in proper Bristolian fashion -- on the street corner), it was a memorable night.

Just wish our lovely ladies could have joined us. E was back 3000 miles in the bklyn hood, & becca a couple blocks away with the kidz.

Bristol is a fair city. Great people. Bristol Vineyard is a great church with loads of great people who blog. & Wallis & MatT pretty much shamed me into blogging again. You can thank them.

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