Monday, July 31 

worship 07/30 in new york

was sparked by matT's blog on this.

songs sung last sunday at the NYC Vineyard:
Bless His Name
How Great Is Our God
Come Down
God Of Mercy

I have to say on record to say that I get to play with a fantastic drummer, bass player, percussion/vocalist & an equally amazing set of other musicians that join us.

They are truely dreamy. Thanks guys for all that you do.
Sometime I'll post some mp3s of us leading worship, although they do not do justice.

Wednesday, July 19 

when did people stop naming their kids Edith? is the best site ever. I won't harp on it's wonders right now, but check out this way cool Baby Name Wizard that I found on digg:

Is your name popular? (Or, when did people stop naming their kids Edith?)

Amazingly cool Java app lets you enter a name and shows you how popular it was from 1880 to the present. Edith has been on the decline since 1880, Sunshine peaked in the 1970s, and the undisputed king of girls names Mary is just on the way out circa 2006.

Tuesday, July 18 

comments are working!

I finally got around to getting these comments working. Anyone out there feel free to shout out.


imagine this...'re in a sauna. only it's not just a 12x12 room, the soupy,
overheated mess of it is everywhere you go. the air is so thick, it
feels like you can swim through it.

you make the decision to go underground, where it basically functions
as an oven becuase of the hot sun pounding the street all day.

& you wait...

one train comes. it's packed.
another train comes, it's the wrong one.
finally a #4 train speeds into the station. you jump on it.

the completely unnaturally dry, cold air feels like heaven... as
respite to the soupy reality of the outside world.

you ride uptown -way uptown- into the bronx. & follow the masses as
they exit at yankee stadium.

the urban-jungle continues with the surreal pounding of a bronx dude
playing a repetitive african beat. it echos through the streets.

the stadium feels like the coliseum must have in the high roman times.
old structure, 60,000 people, steep stairs, fans yelling, rooting &
slapping eachother all over the place.

now you're once again at one with the soupy mess that is humidity. the
temp outside is actually warmer than your own 96.8? f.

once again, help is in sight... the "giant beer", costing a measly
$8.75, overflows out of the tap & over the top of the giant cup... i
think it was one of the only times a beer waterfall has seemed like
the best idea ever.
it's gone quick though.

as the sun goes down you enjoy the crack of the bat, the crazy yankee
fans & the company of good friends. it is one of those exciting
experiences that can only be understood by being there.

Monday, July 17 

what the hell is going on today?

86 dead as quake triggers tsunami:


please pray for these guys... (friends of the jesus freaks in Beirut:



Had quite a surreal week at the Vineyard East Regional Conference &
this past weekend here in NY.

There is so much to say about the the Vineyard, specifically on the
east coast, most notably the momentum of forward thinking, sense of
community & that God is with us... leading us on.

Hung with some GREAT people including the Kecks (now in Vermont),
Zinns (in West Philly), Luke Stevens (unfortunately not as much as I'd
have liked), Casey Corum, Caleb Maskell, Brian McLees & our own Ryan &
Jes among many, many others.

We had the wonderful benefit of a visit from an old friend Lauri
Varieur yesterday at Submerge as well.

The surreal aspect of the last couple days has been to see how far
many old friends have come, as well as myself.

I'm honored to have deep roots with such amazing people... these
mentioned are just a small part.

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